About Us

CDS SOLES PRIVATE LTD Incorporated in 2005, for manufacturing of bottom sole with quality materials of TPR, PVC for more than a decade.

CDS SOLES having technical tie up with Corplast, Italy, our parent company and they are having cutting edge technology for mould design, R&D and New Product Development.

CDS SOLES strives to continually become more aware of sensitive to the environmental impact of our business practices. We evaluate our processes and continually implement new strategies to improve efficiencies and minimize our ecological footprint. CDS SOLES designs and construct products to perform better and last longer. We believe that a high quality product that retains its performance properties and aesthetic appeal for many years is more environmentally responsible than one that must be replaced frequently due to inferior materials or poor workmanship. Our goal is to substantially reduce the amount of materials used over time, and the energy consumed to manufacture and distribute those materials and products.

Ultimate in design, comfort, and fit. CDS SOLES not only look good but also good for your feet. Each CDS SOLES product is the manifestation of our high standards of workmanship, access to latest technology. That’s how CDS SOLES is synonymous with maximum quality and performance.. and of course that aesthetic look. So get into action and feel free to walk on the rough roads of life. Surely you’ll be the winner.

Our motto of the company is “Quality with Prompt Delivery”